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Thousands of foreign citizens rescued by the oncologists of the Hadassah Hospital were convinced by their own experience of the undeniable advantages of the Jerusalem medical center:


of large-scale operations were replaced by sparing ones


of patients with cancer retained women’s health


of patients with prostate cancer fully recovered


of patients replaced chemotherapy with an effective one

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The best oncologists in Israel

Remote consultation with a leading Israeli oncologist

Send a message or call our staff and sign up for an online consultation with one of the leading oncologists of the hospital. Having carefully studied all the medical documents you possess, the oncologist will provide you with a “second opinion”, clarify the diagnosis or correct the treatment. In many cases, such consultation with an oncologist has helped save the patient’s life and health.

The Israeli doctor’s “second opinion” will be issued in the form of a detailed report, which will be sent to your specified email address. If necessary, a video conference with a specialist with the participation of an interpreter can be organized, during which the doctor will discuss in detail your condition and the actions necessary to improve it.

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Individually tailored treatment is a hallmark of oncology in Israel

Based on statistics collected over the years, protocols for treating various types of cancer are a useful tool for oncology, however Hadassah doctors often have to be flexible, adapting proven protocols to a specific situation.

Advanced molecular genetic onco-tests help prepare personalized cancer treatment programs. In Israel, they are used in case of problems with the diagnosis, with the resistance of the tumor to hormonal and chemotherapy, the risk of recurrence, in order to prevent cancer and under other circumstances.

In the Hadassah hospital are used:

  • InVitae genetic test helps to successfully find gene mutations that lead to the development of malignant tumors of the breast, prostate, lungs, skin, intestines, genitourinary system and many others.
  • Caris Target Now is able to detect all types of cancer, except blood cancer.
  • Foundation One – is one of the most complete and informative onco-tests and many other means of genetic diagnostics, which, as well as numerous genetic studies, are carried out under the guidance of the well-known scientist Professor Orly Elpeleg, head of the genetic and metabolic diseases department at the Hadassah hospital.

«I think that in 20 years Israel will learn to treat most types of cancer, and some of them will turn into common chronic diseases. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to invest more resources in genetic research. Today Israel is one of the first in the world in this area».‎

(Professor Tamar Peretz, head of the Sharett Institute, from an interview with Israel Today daily newspaper, 28.12.2012)

Accurate diagnosis is a guarantee of the only correct therapy

In the Hadassah hospital 34% of diagnoses made abroad are not confirmed. The reason for the mistakes of foreign doctors lies in the imperfection of the protocols for detecting malignant processes in a number of countries. For example, PET-CT, one of the most informative and reliable types of visual examination, is a compulsory element of most diagnostic programs in the treatment of dozens of oncology types in Israel, and this device is rarely used in the countries of the former CIS. Naturally, the diagnosis made with PET-CT, which is not available even in the best oncological clinics in Israel, will be very different from the results of the examination, in which positron emission computed tomography was not used at all.

The Hadassah hospital uses both innovative and traditional methods of detecting cancer, such as tumor markers, or examining the patient’s blood and urine for the presence of substances that are waste products of a cancerous tumor or the body response to its presence.

Test for tumor markers is carried out not only to determine the presence of a malignant process, but also to assess the effectiveness of the therapy), 7-10 days after surgery to monitor its success, to prevent relapses after treatment.

Tumor markers alone do not indicate the presence of cancer; additional diagnostics are needed, since some conditions and pathologies also cause an increased content of substances that are tumor markers.

Since 2012, the hospital has been taking a biopsy under ultrasound control, which significantly increases the accuracy of the procedure. Most often, ultrasound-guided biopsies of the thyroid gland, prostate, liver, spleen and lungs are performed.

The use of technology and proven techniques is not a guarantee of success, technology does not replace the experience of a diagnostician, acquired knowledge and skills. However, the patients of the Hadassah hospital are lucky: the oncologists of the medical center learn from experienced professors, world famous doctors who studied medicine from hereditary doctors who came to Jerusalem in the first half of the 20th century from Western and Eastern Europe.

Advanced oncology: in Israel, Hadassah leads in the number of famous doctors

Oncologists are the main factor determining the quality of cancer treatment in Israel.

This is a famous oncosurgeon prof. Alon Pikarski, head of the Sharett Institute prof. Tamar Yablonski-Peretz, a world famous oncogynecologist prof. Avi Ben-Shushan, a well-known oncourologist Professor Ofer Gofrit, nicknamed by his colleagues “Professor Da Vinci” for his masterful use of a robotic surgeon, indispensable in Israel in the treatment of cancer of the male genitourinary system, head of the Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment Center, a world famous dermatologist prof. Michal Lotem..

These and other doctors of the Jerusalem Medical Center always make accurate diagnoses and masterfully use the means of modern oncology, available only in such large and state-sponsored institution.

Only for patients of the Hadassah hospital

Patients treated in the medical center are often the first to use innovative drugs, long before they appear in pharmacies. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: The Sharett Institute is a world leader in the creation and implementation of anti-cancer drugs, clinical trials of new drugs are held here every year, in which patients are invited to participate, whose chance of recovery using conventional therapy is low. The tests are completely safe: doctors are very attentive and react quickly to the slightest change in the work of the participant’s body.

Cancer technology and treatment: Hadassah is in the first place in Israel

procedure 1

A new breakthrough in radiotherapy

At the beginning of 2021, the Hadassah hospital began to use the only innovative in Israel and the Middle East Ethos linear accelerator from VARIAN, which has taken the world of radiotherapy to a new level. Unlike its predecessors, this device allows you to create a new individual radiation plan every day, which significantly shortens the duration of radiotherapy sessions and increases its accuracy, preventing the occurrence of most side effects.

Ethos is equipped with a high-precision computed tomography system, and adaptive artificial intelligence manages the entire treatment planning process.
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A revolution in radiotherapy

The Oncology Department constantly purchases the latest generation of medical and diagnostic equipment. In 2016, for the first time in the country, local radiologists began using the Novalis TrueBeam Stx ultra-precise radiotherapy unit. The device can significantly reduce the course of radiotherapy, in some cases – up to a week instead of a month. The installation systems accurately detect the tumor, and the radiation is carried out so precisely that even a small neoplasm located dangerously close to the nerve centers (for example, metastasis in the spine) is destroyed without any consequences for the patient. The radiotherapy unit is headed by one of the most well-known radiologists, Dr. Mark Vigoda.

The new device is capable of hitting several targets at the same time, for example, destroying several metastases in the brain in one session, which significantly reduces the risk and speeds up recovery.
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Unique PET-CT

At the beginning of 2018, a PET-CT scan was launched in the visual diagnostics unit, which is 70% more accurate and 2 times faster than similar equipment used in the largest hospitals in Tel Aviv.

The Jerusalem diagnosticians have been learning how to use the devices and to exactly interpret the obtained results for years from their senior colleagues, they constantly take advanced training courses on the basis of the largest manufacturers, and are trained in the largest cancer centers in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe.

PET / CT, DISCOVERY MI model by General Electric
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Hadassah took cancer treatment in Israel to a new level

Oncology is a priority area of medicine in most developed countries, it is extremely difficult to withstand competition in this area. However, Hadassah has long been ranked among the top Israeli hospitals specializing in cancer treatment.

When diagnosing and treating malignant neoplasms, the Sharett Institute and other oncological centers and departments use the most advanced methods and technologies, some are used only in the hospital and nowhere else within the country, and sometimes in the Middle East and Europe.

Therapy (PRRT)

  • In the Hadassah hospital, patients with prostate cancer, as well as with neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs, receive innovative therapy, thanks to which dozens of patients have recovered. This refers to peptide receptor targeted radiotherapy (PRRT), based on the introduction of Lutetium-177 radioactive material, which accurately finds and quickly destroys cancer cells. The toxic effect on the patient’s body is minimal. The oncologists of the clinic use the highest quality isotope in Israel, which is produced in a specially equipped and isolated laboratory right on the territory of the hospital, which greatly improves the quality of treatment. You can also read the feedback from a grateful patient about the treatment with Lutetium.

  • • In July 2018, the diagnostics of liver and kidney cancer in Israel reached a new level: in the Hadassah hospital, it became possible to replace the CT scan with ultrasound, avoiding radiation and only gaining in accuracy. This happened due to the introduction of the innovative SonoView contrast agent in the hospital. The new diagnostics is being supervised by the head of the ultrasound department, Dr. Appelbaum.
  • Chemotherapy without side effects. The doctors of the Jerusalem Medical Center pay special attention to the development of drugs that destroy the tumor as much as possible, but do not cause side effects, as well as special drugs designed to remove or, at least, significantly mitigate the effects of chemotherapy. In this matter, local chemotherapists occupy one of the leading places in the Middle East and Europe
  • Stem cell transplant and bone marrow transplant (BMT). With the help of this procedure, dozens of cancer types are treated in Israel. The TCM department employs unique specialists who have no equal in the country: Professor Polina Stepensky, Dr. Sigal Grisaru, Dr. Irina Zaydman.
  • Dr. Vladimir Yutkin, a famous urological surgeon and scientist of the Hadassah hospital, uses the Da Vinci robotic installation to perform a unique operation – partial organ-preserving removal of a kidney, affected by a malignant process.

Benefits of cancer treatment at the Hadassah hospital

The Oncology Department uses only modern means of combating malignant neoplasms:

  • innovative immunotherapy using the introduction of laboratory-grown T-lymphocytes;
  • state-of-the-art hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), used to treat abdominal malignancy and does not cause side effects;
  • a large selection of palliative remedies aimed at relieving unpleasant symptoms caused by a malignant process or intensive chemotherapy;
  • Synergo innovative machine, used to destroy inoperable tumors of the bladder;
  • improved methods of organ-preserving surgery, laparoscopic and endoscopic operations, laser and robotic installations, the most modern visualization and computer navigation tools that help to carry out the operation as accurately as possible and without mistakes.

People often come to the Hadassah hospital due to the operation volume offered abroad. In Israel, cancer treatment is focused on the preservation of organs, on improving the patient’s life quality, the oncosurgeons of the clinic use the slightest chance to proceed without invasive intervention or to reduce it as much as possible.

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Life quality and comprehensive cancer treatment in Israel

Unlike many foreign oncologists, the doctors of the Hadassah hospital are followers of a holistic or integrated approach, in which the human body is perceived as a single, harmonious whole, and the main goal of therapy is not only the complete disappearance of tumor cells, but also an overall improvement in the life quality of a patient with cancer. A conference of specialists from various fields of medicine gathers: oncologists, rehabilitologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, pain therapy specialists, cardiologists and many others. A group of doctors closely monitors the patient’s condition and makes recommendations for correcting the course of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

Some types of oncosurgery require the subsequent intervention of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Neta Adler is a popular specialist in breast reconstruction after tumor removal among hundreds of patients, she uses modern techniques such as DIEP and TRAM – the latest methods of adipose tissue transplantation from the lower abdomen. As a result, the patient not only regains the natural appearance of her breasts, but also reduces her abdomen.

Doctor Neta Adler

Numerous colleagues of Dr. Adler restore the skin, eliminate the consequences of maxillofacial, onco-ophthalmological, onco-orthopedic and other operations.

An additional advantage of cancer treatment in Israel is the cost

For those who are interested in oncology in Israel, it is useful to know that the prices for diagnostics and therapy of neoplasms in the Hadassah hospital are much lower than the cost of similar services in Western Europe, Canada and the USA. It is worth noting that the amount of payment in the Jerusalem clinic is determined and controlled by the Ministry of Health, overpayment is simply impossible.

When comparing prices for treatment of various oncology types in Israel, consider the cost of not only the procedures, but also the payment for accommodation, food, travel and so on. In Jerusalem, doctors and accompanying persons do their best to make your stay at the Hadassah hospital as short as possible and bring maximum benefit.

Bring the results of tests carried out abroad, and you will save on repeated diagnostics. However, the dynamics of the disease may require additional tests. It is also possible that the quality of the brought glass, discs, etc. will not satisfy the doctor, and he will refer the patient to additional procedures.

The main types of oncological diseases that are successfully detected and treated at the Hadassah hospital

Thousands of patients visit Israeli clinics every year, oncology is developed here no less, and in some areas even better than in Western countries. Doctors of the Hadassah hospitals achieve excellent results in the treatment of all types of malignant tumors without exception, including the rarest forms.

  • pituitary cancer
  • eye cancer
  • brain cancer
  • laryngeal cancer
  • gallbladder cancer
  • stomach cancer
  • bowel cancer
  • skin cancer
  • bone cancer
  • blood cancer (leucosis, leukemia)
  • lungs cancer
  • lymph cancer (lymphoma)
  • body or cervical cancer
  • breast cancer
  • liver cancer
  • esophageal carcinoma
  • spine cancer
  • kidney cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • oral cancer
  • thyroid cancer
  • testicular cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • >rare tumors

The Sharett Institute of Oncology

Leading doctors of the Oncology Institute

The Sharett Institute of Oncology at the Hadassah University Hospital (Israel) provides medical services of the highest quality. The Oncology Institute is engaged in the diagnostics and treatment of all types of malignant tumors, including the treatment and diagnostics of melanoma> with the exception of leukemia, lymphomas and other types of blood cancer, which are treated in the Hematology Department). Medical monitoring is provided not only to patients who have undergone cancer, but also to those who fear the occurrence and spread of cancer.

The department uses the latest methods of drug, chemotherapy and. Treatment of tumors is carried out with the help of drug therapy (chemotherapy, immunological and hormonal procedures) and radiotherapy – radiation (remote and interstitial – brachytherapy); it also provides preventive treatment, including therapy with innovative drugs and methods.

A laboratory with modern equipment operates around the clock. The department occupies a leading position in the treatment and diagnostics of cancer in Israel and in the world. The doctors of the institute introduce leading methods of treatment, taking into account the individual emotional characteristics of each patient.

Together with the provision of conventional treatment accepted in the field of oncology, the doctors of the institute invite patients to participate in innovative and international clinical research, as well as develop modern and experimental therapies.

Clinic of the Oncology Department

In the oncology clinic, there is a day care unit, units of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, psycho-oncology, a neurooncology center, a genetic oncology center, a genetic oncology center, a breast cancer center, a center of the gastrointestinal tumors diagnostics and treatment, a pain clinic.

Patient`s feedback


of patients referred by foreign doctors for open surgery or radical organ resection received sparing organ-preserving surgery in the clinic


of women suffering from tumors of the genitourinary system recovered, retaining all body functions


of men who were diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the prostate gland completely recovered, maintaining 100% potency


of patients with chemotherapy-resistant cancer corrected or revised the diagnosis, individually selected effective medications, and achieved complete recovery or long-term remission in the Jerusalem hospital

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Alevtina (Russia) underwent a successful operation on the 4th day of her stay in the clinic: watch a video feedback

Every year, thousands of citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries of the former CIS undergo treatment at oncology institutes in Israel. Reviews of those who returned home healthy or in a state of stable remission provide an opportunity to assess how affordable and easy it is today to be treated by famous foreign oncologists.

For oncology treatment in Israel, reviews, prices and the selection of a doctor, please contact our consultants, writing down your name, email, phone number and question in the form at the end of the page. Representatives of the Hadassah hospital will contact you within 24 hours and provide the necessary information regarding the procedures and trip arrangements.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the treatment of oncology in Israel

Questions and answers

Why should you choose cancer treatment in Israel and not in Europe or the USA?
1.Implementation of innovations. Israeli medicine uses the latest techniques and drugs that are not yet approved in the United States, but approved for use in the EU. On the other hand, Israel uses American innovations that are not yet available in the EU. Thus, Israeli clinics take the best from the two leading healthcare systems, while avoiding their shortcomings. 2. Cost of services. Treatment in Israel is not inferior in quality to the leading clinics in Europe and the United States, but it costs much less.
What are the advantages of oncology treatment in Israel at the Hadassah hospital?
Many medical and diagnostic services are available in Israel only at the Hadassah Medical Center. The clinic is the country leader in the implementation of both innovations created in the USA and Europe, and its own exclusive developments. Among them: • Ultra-precise PET-CT DISCOVERY MI by General Electric. • Novalis TrueBeam STx 2016 radiotherapy device with accuracy not available in the previous models. • KINEVO 900, the most powerful medical microscope in the world today from the German Zeiss company, which has raised neurosurgery to a new level. • MitraClip technology of 3rd and 4th generations for the correction of the mitral valve.
Who of the best Israeli oncologists work at the Hadassah hospital?
The clinic employs unique specialists such as: • Prof. Michal Lotem, creator of a drug for the treatment of patients with 3rd-4th grade of melanoma, who have been abandoned by leading experts of the United States and Europe. • Prof. Alex Margulis, removing giant nevi in children, which no other plastic surgeon in the world does. • Prof. Polina Stepensky, world famous TCM specialist for orphan diseases. • Prof. Yaakov Peer, saving 70% of the eyes and completely curing over 95% of children with retinoblastoma.
How much does cancer treatment cost in Israel at the Hadassah hospital?
The preliminary cost of treatment can be established only after consultation with a clinic specialist or examination. In any case, prices in Israel are much lower than in Western Europe or the United States. It is important to mention that costs at the Hadassah hospital are controlled by the Israeli Ministry of Health, which excludes extra charges.
Where can I find reviews of treatment in Israel at the Hadassah clinic?
In the top menu of the official website of the Hadassah hospital in Russian, select the category "About the hospital", and then click on the item "Reviews". You will be taken to a page with patients` feedback and grateful letters.




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