On this page you will find a short list of prices for some of the most common medical services offered at the Hadassah Hospital. The list is intended not so much to introduce site visitors to specific rates, but for general understanding: they will help you get a general idea of how much treatment in Israel costs, and by going to the page of the disease you are interested in and looking at the list of basic diagnostics and treatment procedures, you can calculate the minimum amount that will be required for treatment at the hospital.

Consultations with the specialists of the Hadassah hospital

Procedure name

Cost in USD ($) ($)

Consultation with a doctor

from 472-630 $ / 556-742 $ *

Consultation with a doctor (top-level professor)

from 840/991 $

Consultation with a radiologist

from 712/840 $

* Consultations with some specialists may cost more than the rates indicated in the table.

Diagnostics at the Hadassah hospital

Procedure name

Cost in USD ($) ($)

Full-body CT scan

from 343/404 $

Ultrasound from 192/226 $

Gynecological ultrasound

from 125/147 $


from 2 421/2 857 $

MRI (1 field) + radiologist`s review + contrast agent

from 1 848/2 180 $


from 132/155 $

Lymph node biopsy under ultrasound + review

from 3 017/3 560 $

If biopsy is not taken, refund is $ 906 / 1,070.

Biopsy under CT + review

from 4 899/5 780 $

If biopsy is not taken, refund is $ 906 / 1,070.

Complete pathology review including immunohistochemistry

from 906/1070 $

Urgent histopathology + histochemistry in 48 hours

from 300 $

To find out the exact rates for procedures not listed on this page, contact the international department of the hospital.

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Hospitalization at the Hadassah hospital

Procedure name

Cost in USD ($) ($)

Day care

from 994/1 175 $

Hospitalization day

from 2 060/2 430 $

Non-surgical treatment at the Hadassah hospital

Procedure name

Cost in USD ($) ($)


from 250 $

Day care with chemotherapy

from 1 442/1 705 $

Immunotherapy for melanoma

from 5,000 $

Surgical treatment at the Hadassah hospital

Procedure name

Cost in USD ($) ($)

Standard surgical procedure

from 6 500 $

Surgical procedure using the Da Vinci robotic system

from 25,000 $

The cost of the procedures does not include a consultation with a specialist.

Payment method

Patients of the hospital can pay for the medical services provided to them in any convenient way (by bank account details, by a bank card, using Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Advantages of the Hadassah hospital price policy

Official rates. Hadassah is one of the leading government hospitals, therefore all rates are set and controlled directly by the Ministry of Health.

The only true value for money. At the Hadassah University Hospital, the price-quality correlation of the services provided is the best in Israel, which is why in 2016 the Israeli Ministry of Health awarded the hospital the first place in the country for the level of medical services.

Saving money for the patient. The promptness of the examination and treatment arrangements allows the patient to significantly save on his stay in Israel.

To find out prices for other diagnostic and treatment procedures, contact our consultants: click on the free call icon in the right field of the page, call the phones ‎‎ (Israel).

Hadassah – top quality treatment

Due to its location (the medical center is located about 20 minutes from the Kiryat Ha-Memshala government complex), Hadassah traditionally provides medical services to the members of the government, deputies of the Israeli parliament, spiritual leaders of the largest confessions, ambassadors, diplomats, and UN staff. The hospital is under the constant attention of officials and the press, therefore it cannot afford the slightest mistake.

That is why the management of the hospital pays special attention to the selection of medical staff, and the requirements for the members of the doctors` team are much higher here than in other medical institutions. For the same reason, special attention is paid to equipping departments, laboratories and research institutes in Hadassah, equipment that has no analogues in other clinics of the country is constantly purchased.

In Hadassah, you will be examined and treated by world-known diagnosticians, surgeons, radiologists and rehabilitologists, diagnostics and treatment will be carried out using innovative drugs and technologies, including unique means that are not available in other medical centers.

Treatment plan and preliminary treatment cost in Israel

ПAfter conversation with a medical consultant, you will be told the preliminary cost of diagnostics and treatment in Israel. It is important to be aware that this amount can be changed after examining the patient during the initial consultation with a specialist. The two most common reasons are:

The unsatisfactory condition of the diagnostic material brought may require additional examinations

The development of the disease may require both additional diagnostics and changes in the list of required therapeutic measures. As a rule, undergoing diagnostics in the country of residence allows you to significantly save money, since, in most cases, the results of the tests brought are recognized by Israeli doctors as quite sufficient.

Send a message to the Hadassah consultants, leaving your details and writing down the question you are interested in, they will call you back as soon as possible and provide comprehensive information on prices for diagnostics, surgical procedures and non-surgical treatment in Israel.


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