We welcomes patients from all over the world. We provide:

  • Remote consultations with leading Israeli specialists
  • Arrangements for diagnostic and treatment trips to Israel

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Work stages with a patient

In contact 24/7

Our staff members are ready to respond to all patients` queries anytime. We provide support from the first call and remain in contact even after patient`s returning home.

Review of medical documents

The doctor of the international department with long-term work experience in Israel provides:
– consideration of medical documents;
– development of a preliminary examination plan;

  • selection of specialists;
  • provision of an examination program.
Assistance in obtaining permits

We will prepare all the documents required to enter the country as soon as possible:

  • permits from the Israeli ministries;
  • arrival invitation;
    – acceleration a foreign passport issuance;
    – assistance in obtaining a visa. 
Appointments reservation

Our staff will book appointments for you for consultations and procedures for the near future. Most commonly, treatment begins immediately upon arrival (not during the pandemic).

Reservation of tickets and accommodation

Our staff members will assist you in booking airline tickets and finding comfortable accommodation for the entire stay in the country.

Meeting at the airport

On your behalf, our representative will meet you at the airport and take you to the place of stay and treatment.

Consultation with a certified doctor

You are provided with an initial and conclusive consultation with a certified Israeli doctor Dr. A. Benstein. 

Medical coordinator accompanying

Immediately upon arrival, a personal medical coordinator is assigned to you to accompany you to all consultations and procedures, to translate and provide assistance in all organizational issues. The coordinator remains in contact with you even after returning home.

Upon completion of the treatment, the patient receives all medical reports in English. On your behalf, we provide the services of a professional translator of medical documents.

The best indicator of the department work quality is the reviews and the fact that about 50% of our patients come to Hadassah on the relatives, friends or acquaintances recommendations

Employees of the Hadassah international department call back those who left the application on the site within 24 hours, the consultants answer phone calls throughout the day. You can contact the department by leaving a request or ordering a call on this page, as well as by calling one of the phones listed on the contact page.

Get consultation Free Call

International department employees will provide you with:

  • treatment plan including cost
  • official invitation from the clinic
  • making an appointment with leading specialists
  • accommodation booking
  • meeting at the airport and transfer to the clinic
  • accompanying for procedures and translation

Thousands of cured patients from dozens of countries around the world

Hadassah has developed a special system for working with patients from abroad, which combines first-class medical care with the highest level of medical logistics.

The system guarantees full control over the service quality and its effectiveness within a limited period of time. The result is a well-functioning system of joint work of specialists from different departments with a clear distribution of responsibilities.
View Hadassah Patient`s reviews

Extracts from recent online reviews

Judging by the numerous reviews of patients who have undergone successful treatment in our hospital, the international department is doing an excellent job. These reviews can be read on various major medical portals and forums, which advise best for those looking for a suitable foreign clinic.

«It’s like feeling safe! I didn’t even have time to ask a question, but the answer was always there, and already in action».

«Great employees helped sort everything out. They constantly helped, led, advised».

«I will come to the clinic more than once; I would always like to see this team! I want to say that these people will always help, support and come to help in any situation. Always be healthy, happy and be with people who need you and your work!»

Contact us by filling out the feedback form and a Russian-speaking employee of the international department will contact you within a few hours and advise on all your queries.

We are waiting for you at the Hadassah University Hospital!

The Hadassah International department: the formula of successful treatment in Israel

hadassahHadassah Medical Center provides patients all over the world with the opportunity to receive an extensive range of medical services to solve a wide variety of health problems in one place, under one roof.

For more than 100 years, the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem has been an important research center for Israeli medicine, it is well known all over the world. About half of all scientific research in Israel is carried out in Hadassah. Almost all leading doctors of the clinic literally move modern medical science along with the patients` treatment, working at the intersection of theory, practice and advanced technologies together with scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other major world scientific institutions.

Many important inventions made at Hadassah have found practical implication in major medical centers in Israel and the world. Many significant events took place here that characterize the “pulse beating” of modern medicine:

  • first double coronary artery bypass grafting
  • first kidney transplantation
  • first bone marrow transplantation
  • first in vitro fertilization
  • first successful heart transplantation
  • the world first computer-guided hip replacement
  • first fertilization by means of genetically diagnosed eggs
  • development of the world first vaccine against melanoma and many others.


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In order to keep up with the achievements of modern medicine and use effectively the vast knowledge base and experience accumulated over decades of work, a unique interdisciplinary method has been developed at Hadassah. Doctors who are professionals in various fields of medicine – are directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient in order to form a holistic vision of the situation and develop the correct treatment strategy: a personal treatment program is created for each patient, which is monitored by several departments of the clinic at once!

The perfect combination of treating patients, conducting medical research and educating a new generation of doctors and scientists is the main formula of Hadassah success. As part of this approach, centers of excellence have been created in almost all branches of medicine presented here, the purpose of which is to develop the most effective treatment protocols, connecting scientists and doctors of the hospital experience, clinical experience and the latest laboratory research.



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