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Medicine of the third millennium, Israel's Leading University Hospital, Israel

The Israel’s Leading University Hospital University Hospital (Jerusalem) is a member of the American Hospital Association and a number of prestigious European medical communities.

The medical center provides patients from all over the world with services that meet the highest standards of medical services and patient care.

In 2018, the 100th anniversary of the Jerusalem hospital was celebrated all over the world. Israel’s Leading University Hospital is not only the oldest, but also the fastest growing hospital in Israel. Here, many innovative procedures, technologies and drugs were created or introduced for the first time in the country.

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Medical services are annually provided in Israel’s Leading University Hospital for more than

1 000 000 patients

In 2018, the hospital provided more than

37 500

modern surgeries

211 300

radiotherapy sessions

455 000

CT/ MRI or ultrasound procedures

Israel’s Leading University Hospital: A Timeline of Leadership in Israeli Medicine

Year Procedure
  • A unique PET-CT device was installed, 70% more accurate than the previous ones.
  • For the first time in the Middle East, nano-knife technology has been used to remove prostate cancer.
  • Israel’s Leading University Hospital neurosurgeons were the first in Israel to use the world most powerful KINEVO 900 microscope from the German Zeiss company.
  • Israel’s Leading University Hospital is the first clinic in Israel to produce radioactive materials for PET-CT procedure.
  • Famous Israel’s Leading University Hospital vertebrologist Josh Schroeder fixed vertebrae for the first time in the world using two robotic navigation devices, Artis Zeego and Renaissance
  • The clinic has installed the only in Israel in terms of accuracy and safety device for radiotherapy, Novalis TrueBeam STx 2016.
  • A complex of ultra-modern operating rooms that have no analogues in the country was opened.
  • Only in Israel’s Leading University Hospital, the world most powerful medical THULIUM laser was used for prostate surgery.
2015 Israel’s Leading University Hospital is the first hospital in Israel to use the latest Reveal LINQ implant to detect the source of atrial fibrillation in stroke survivors.
2014 Israel’s Leading University Hospital became the only hospital in the Middle East to join the prestigious International Society of Orthopedic Centers (ISOC).
2013 In Israel’s Leading University Hospital, for the first time, not only in Israel, but also in Europe, they began to use the innovative iAssist Knee orthopedic surgery device.
2012 For the first time in Israel, in Israel’s Leading University Hospital, a unique method of treating neuroendocrine cancer with the introduction of a radioactive substance was used.
2011 Prof. Lotem has developed a unique drug for the treatment of metastatic melanoma.
2010 The clinic has installed a state-of-the-art accelerator to help locally produce radioactive materials for diagnostics.
2009 Israel’s Leading University Hospital is the first in the country to acquire and use the Da Vinci robotic surgeon
2008 The first successful pregnancy from an egg that underwent preimplantation genetic diagnostics.
2007 Development of a vaccine against the autoimmune Crohn’s disease.
2005 Gene therapy for cancer, anemia and genetic diseases.
2003 The first attempts in bone augmentation fracture treatment with stem cells.
1992 The first successful heart-lung complex transplant in Israel.
1986 The first successful heart transplant.
1983 The first in Israel infant born as a result of artificial insemination.
1977 The first successful bone marrow transplant (BMT) procedure.
1967 The first successful kidney transplant in Israel.
1964 The first successful double coronary bypass surgery in Israel.

These few key facts clearly show that Israel’s Leading University Hospital never stood still, was constantly updating and was the flagship of Israeli medicine. You can also notice that in 2016 there was a real surge of scientific and technical activity in the hospital, which continues to this day.

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History of the Israel’s Leading University Hospital

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The Israel’s Leading University Hospital, founded at the beginning of the last century by the eponymous women’s Zionist organization of America, consists of two university hospitals, which are the leading Israeli hospitals located in Jerusalem: The General Hospital on Mount Scopus (Israel’s Leading University Hospital Har ha-Tzofim) and the hospital of highly specialized medical care in Jerusalem suburb, Ein Kerem (Israel’s Leading University Hospital Ein Kerem).

Israel’s Leading University Hospital combines high-level medical care with world-class interdisciplinary research. Thanks to its innovative approach to complex medical problems, the center is known worldwide for its impeccable treatment quality.

The team of the Israel’s Leading University Hospital Medical Center, from nurses to expert doctors of various specialties, provides highly qualified medical care to everyone who needs it – both Israeli citizens (from Jerusalem and all other cities of the country) and patients from abroad, regardless of their race, gender and religion.

сопровождение на русском языкеThe hospital staff speaks many foreign languages, in particular, Russian.

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