According to statistics, in 2018, over 35,000 medical tourists visited Israeli clinics, about 50% of them came from Russia, Ukraine and other countries that were part of the CIS.

Simple logic dictates that since thousands of guests with different financial conditions and social status come to the country every year for treatment, this means that it is quite accessible and simple, and there are clear and comprehensive answers to all the questions that arise before the trip. Some of them can be found on the page “Questions and answers about treatment in Israel”.

The main thing that the patient should know is that the hospital takes care of the treatment arrangement in Israel, he just needs to carefully follow the instructions.

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Thousands of people have already been convinced: treatment in Israel is simple and comfortable

Medical tourists choose Israel due to:

  • Cost of services. It is no secret that the treatment cost plays an important role when choosing a country. In Israel, the cost of medical care is, on average, a third lower than in Europe and almost twice lower than in America.
  • Visa-free entry. Many diseases require high efficiency. Therefore, the possibility of visa-free entry for patients from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia is an important advantage.
  • Lack of a language barrier. In Israel, many medical workers speak Russian, and in addition, all Israeli clinics provide Russian-speaking medical coordinators.
  • Unique medical services. There is a number of technologies and techniques developed in Israel and so far available only here. The use of both European and American diagnostic and treatment tools also plays an important role. It often happens that a technology or medicine approved for use in Europe, but not yet confirmed in the United States, is not available in America, but it is provided in Israel. On the contrary, in Israel, patients are provided with American innovations that have not yet passed the process of official confirmation in Europe.

Hadassah: with you from the first appeal to departure

Complex of buildings of the Hadassah medical center

    1. A treatment plan compilation. As soon as you contact the Hadassah consultants and the necessary data are provided, the doctors of the hospital begin to compile a preliminary treatment program and send it to the email address notified by the applicant. The program indicates the medical procedures required to the patient and their rates. The final cost may differ if, after arrival and consultation, the doctor prescribes additional medical diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures.
    2. Accommodation. A person traveling to Israel for treatment decides for himself whether to stay with friends or acquaintances, book a hotel room, rent a private apartment – the choice is up to the patient. If necessary, the clinic administrator will help arrange the accommodation (there is a hotel near the Hadassah hospital, modern fully furnished and equipped apartments are available in Jerusalem).
    3. For the additional cost ($ 100), Hadassah staff will meet the patient at the airport and provide a transfer to the hospital or hotel.
    4. Personal coordinator. After arriving to Hadassah, a personal assistant is assigned to each patient – a Russian-speaking employee who accompanies the patient for all medical and diagnostic procedures and, if necessary, performs the function of an interpreter when communicating with the medical staff.

Jerusalem - plenty of opportunities for excursions and recreation

  1. Leisure. Many tourists want to combine treatment with excursion programs and other forms of recreation. The staff of the medical center will also take care of the excursions arrangement, saving the patient from unnecessary troubles. Administrators and coordinators will tell you where the best shopping centers, restaurants, parks and other places of recreation and leisure are located.
  2. Documentation and reports. By the time of discharge from the hospital, all medical documents (results of tests and diagnostic procedures, protocols of surgical procedures and other forms of treatment, doctor’s reports, etc.) are translated into Russian and provided to the patient. A financial report on all payments made (a document officially certified by lawyers) is also provided. All the procedures are absolutely transparent in Hadassah; its work is strictly controlled by the state institutions.

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The main benefits of Israeli medical tourism

  • Service level. The treatment quality in local clinics is not inferior to the largest medical centers in Europe and the United States. In certain areas of oncology, hemato-oncology, gynecology, Israeli doctors have even overtaken their European and American colleagues.
  • A special approach. The patients` treatment in Israeli clinics is carried out according to a specially compiled program for each and is primarily aimed at improving the general condition, doctors avoid causing damage to the body as much as possible. The attending physician monitors the patient throughout the entire process, involving experts from related fields to take into account all the details of diagnostics and treatment.
  • Attention and care. Everyone who comes to Israel for treatment can count on the sincere care and support of doctors and nurses. This fact is often mentioned in gratitude reviews. This is common here, the doctor is not obliged to keep his distance. Therefore, to the surprise of foreign guests, well-known professors have friendly conversations with them, many times they kindly give explanations, call or enter the ward, inquiring about the patient’s condition.

In 2016, Israel took first place in the Medical Tourism Index of the prestigious International Center of Health Research (IHRC) for the equipment quality and the service level.

As known, dozens of foreign pop stars, actors and directors, musicians, athletes have been treated in our country. The short list of those who visited Israeli clinics includes Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Lev Leshchenko, Alsu, Dima Bilan, Nikolai Karachentsov, Sofia Rotaru, Philip Kirkorov, Gennady Khazanov, Evgeny Plushenko, Nikolai Rastorguev, Galina Volchek, Dmitry Kogan, Guf, John Lord. Numerous foreign political figures, for example, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Abid Sharifov also received treatment here. All of them did not visit some elite medical centers, but were treated in the same hospitals as ordinary citizens, with the same doctors and according to the same protocols.

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Melanya Trump and Sarah Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli Prime Minister, in Hadassah

In 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Health gave Hadassah the first place in the country in the medical care quality ranking.

This is a multidisciplinary clinic where people of all ages and with any pathologies are provided with assistance more than 900 qualified doctors work in it, more than 35,000 operations are performed annually in 31 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology.

Representatives of the Israeli elite, including prime ministers, and almost a third of foreign patients who have chosen treatment in Israel are receiving medical care here.

In May 2017, Melania Trump, the American first lady, visited the Jerusalem hospital, which was a clear demonstration of the Hadassah special status.

Hadassah: leading experts and unique technologies

Innovative inventions in Hadassah

Some of the treatment methods and diagnostic procedures in Hadassah began to be applied for the first time in the world, here the introduction of many ultra-modern techniques, recently created by leading specialists of Europe and the United States, begins in Israeli medicine. And today the hospital has procedures that are absolutely unique or are available only in a few medical centers in the world, many technologies are not used anywhere else in the Middle East. In some cases, Hadassah has no equal in terms of the certain procedures implementation level.

2016 was the year of the advanced technologies introduction in Hadassah. That year the clinic opened the only complex of operating rooms of such kind in the region, providing surgeons with fantastic opportunities. In the same year, a PET-CT machine was installed in the medical center, which is the most powerful and highly precise in Israel. With its help, doctors are able to visualize pathological foci that do not exceed 2-3 mm, which is very important for identifying metastatic processes and their further treatment.

Unique Operating Rooms - Davidson Tower

The Novalis Truebeam STx 2016 is another innovation obtained by Hadassah in 2016. In other Israeli clinics, less sophisticated models of radiotherapy units are operating. The highest accuracy of focusing the radiation beam allows radiologists to increase the power of the ionized particles stream, completely destroying the tumor and not affecting nearby tissues and organs, which significantly reduces the treatment duration and the time of a single session.

As a leading university hospital in the region and an international scientific center, Hadassah is leading the way in the development of the latest cancer drugs and vaccines. Patients with drug-resistant cancers have a chance to recover or improve their health.

Among the unique specialists of Hadassah, it is worth mentioning Professor Yoav Mintz, who is a real “guru” in the field of operations using revolutionary technologies, Professor Polina Stepensky, who has no equal in the treatment of hereditary diseases in children using bone marrow transplantation, pediatric plastic surgeon Professor Alexander Margulis performing unprecedented operations to remove giant nevi, spinal surgeon Dr. Josh Schroeder, who for the first time in the world reconstructed a broken spine in 2017 using a combination of two robotic navigation devices, Artis Zeego and Renaissance.

The constantly increasing percentage of recovery among patients with severe oncological and cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the brain and spine, gynecological, urological and many other disorders, the highest level of medical care and the doctors` qualifications, the use of innovative technologies – all these factors are the reasons for the popularity of treatment in Israel.

If you have any questions regarding treatment in Israel, fill out the form and our consultants will promptly provide you with comprehensive information necessary for a safe arrival.

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