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PROF. POLINA STEPENSKY Head of the BMT and Immunotherapy (for Children and Adults) Department

Pediatric oncohematology in Israel – diagnostics and treatment of blood cancer in children

The Pediatric Oncohematology Department of the Israeli Hadassah University Hospital provides the most modern and high-tech medical care for children and adolescents and admits for treatment patients with a wide range of diseases, including leukemia and solid tumors. In addition, medical care is provided here for children with severe non-malignant chronic blood-vascular system diseases (thalassemia, hypoplastic anemia) and serious immune system diseases.
Due to the well-coordinated team work of specialists, as well as the use of advanced therapy methods, the success rate achieved in treating young patients with malignant blood-vascular system diseases is one of the highest in the country.

The department works in close cooperation with other major clinics both in Israel and abroad.

pediatric oncohematology in Israel

Pediatric oncohematology is located in the “Mother and Child” medical and diagnostic center of the Hadassah Ein-Kerem hospital. It is the only multidisciplinary children’s cancer center in Jerusalem and its suburbs. The department provides medical services to a large population, which is very heterogeneous in its ethnic composition and socio-psychological characteristics. Children from all over Israel, the Palestinian Authority, as well as from abroad are sent to the hospital.

Fields of expertise of the Pediatric Oncohematology Department

  • Diagnostics and treatment of children suffering from cancer (leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumors);
  • bone marrow transplantation (including treatment of marble bone disease (osteopetrosis));
  • anemia;
  • thalassemia;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • congenital and acquired diseases of the immune system;
  • histiocytosis;
  • and other diseases.

The hospital complex in which the department is located has radiotherapy equipment, a pediatric surgery service with specialists in all fields, a pediatric resuscitation  and intensive care unit, and an advisory service specializing in pediatric infectious diseases.

Medical staff of the Pediatric Oncohematology Department

Patients are supervised by multidisciplinary specialists using the most modern diagnostic tools in the department. The renovated department has an inpatient unit with 17 beds (four of them are intended for patients who require BMT – bone marrow transplantation) and a large day care with 20 beds.

In the department there are seven oncohematologists (all of them are certified specialists), twenty-five specially trained nurses of the oncological department, as well as the additional staff: social workers, psychologists, hospital clowns, music and art therapists, teachers. The medical staff is actively involved in the process of teaching medical students, pediatric interns and grant-aided students engaged in scientific research in pediatric oncohematology.

Over the past five years, the department has significantly expanded. In 2014, 130 new patients suffering from oncological diseases were admitted in the department. 25 BMT operations are performed in the hospital every year. There is a service for helping with thrombosis and blood clotting disorders; an extensive thalassemia health care program has been developed.

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