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Head of the Oncology Department at the Hadassah Clinic, Head of the Moshe Sharett Institute of Oncology

«In Hadassah 90% of women with early breast cancer are fully cured».

From a lecture by Dr. Tamar Sela, Head of the Breast Diagnostics Center at the Hadassah MC, at the Breast Cancer Prevention Congress held in Jerusalem in November 2016).

Every year hundreds of early-stage breast cancer patients are fully recoveredin Hadassah. The success rate for the neoplasm treatment detected in advanced stages in the clinic is one of the highest in Israel.

The number of surgeries performed with sparing, organ-preserving methods in the clinic has increased. This is due to the use of improved early diagnostics methods, as well as the latest biological, radiation and chemotherapy.

New technologies have become the most important factor in the improvement of oncological surgery in Hadassah: for example, oncological surgeons use a special MarginProbe device, which analyzes the removed tissue for the presence of cancer cells within minutes and allows you to determine whether the surgery should be continued or not.

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Feedback from grateful patients

Impeccable reputation of Hadassah is based on the opinion of thousands of recovered people who recommend the clinic to friends and family.

Reviews of patients who have successfully undergone breast cancer treatment in the Israeli Hadassah hospital show not only the high quality of medicine, but also the promptness of all procedures.

Early breast cancer: Hadassah can help you recover

Nowadays, oncological diseases are treated in many effective ways; oncologists have achieved particular success in the breast cancer treatment. Innovative biological medications and advanced chemotherapy, the latest means of radiotherapy and minimally invasive oncosurgery are used for these neoplasms treatment in Israel.

In Hadassah, every effort is made to completely destroy the tumor while preserving the integrity of healthy tissues as much as possible. This is the undoubted advantage of the Jerusalem hospital.

Surgery to remove breast tumors

Hadassah Medical Center uses the most effective, safe and proven surgical methods for treating breast cancer. There are few clinics in Israel capable of achieving the efficiency level that is common to Jerusalem surgeons.

Hadassah surgeons try to avoid radical surgeries with complete breast removal whenever possible. To determine the scale of the impact as accurately as possible, a high-precision MarginProbe device is used in Jerusalem right during the surgery.

The clinic carries out the following types of surgical intervention:

  • lumpectomy – a minimally invasive surgery with excision of the minimum of adjacent healthy tissues which allows to save the breast;
  • segmentectomy and quadrantectomy are larger surgery types with an increased amount of tissues removed.
  • mastectomy – complete removal of the breast for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes, after which reconstruction is often carried out.

Under certain conditions, an oncologist can predict the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence within the next 10 years by sending a piece of removed tissue after surgery for Oncotype DX genetic testing. The test has high accuracy, confirmed by numerous studies, its use allows the doctor to correctly build a strategy for further treatment and monitoring of the patient’s health.

Non-surgical methods

These methods are usually used in addition to surgery.

  • Chemotherapy. The Hadassah MC uses a variety of chemotherapy protocols: due to genetic tests carried out during the diagnostics a personalized course is selected for each patient. Both neoadjuvant (preceding surgery) chemotherapy, which reduces a neoplasm size, and adjuvant (after removal, for the complete destruction of malignant processes) are carried out.
  • Radiotherapy. It is used in combination with surgery to prevent relapses, to reduce the intensity of symptoms in the more advanced stages. In advanced stages, radiotherapy is combined only with chemotherapy.
  • Targeted therapy. An innovative method related to the use of biological agents acting at the molecular level shows excellent results. The Hadassah MC uses innovative drugs created by the best pharmaceutical companies of European countries, the USA and Israel.
  • Immunotherapy. It is a modern treatment for breast cancer. In Israel, the largest clinics practice immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or independently if the disease is at the 3rd -4th stages. The essence of the method lies in the use of drugs that mobilize the own forces of the patient’s immune system to fight them. Some of these drugs are still in clinical trials.
  • Hormone therapy is necessary to reduce the size of hormone-sensitive tumors before surgery, as well as to prevent possible relapses.

Radiotherapy in Israel

The effectiveness of radiotherapy directly depends on the level of equipment. In 2016, a Novalis Turebeam device was installed at the Hadassah MC, which makes it possible to irradiate tumor tissue with unique accuracy and efficiency without destroying adjacent healthy organs. According to the doctors, the device is so “smart” that it independently determines the neoplasm localization, regulates the radiation power. Since there is no danger of damaging healthy tissue, the new equipment is used to irradiate sensitive areas (near the spinal cord, with nerve terminals). An additional advantage of using the Novalis installation is that due to the extreme accuracy of irradiation, radiologists have the ability to significantly increase the beam power. As a result, the duration of the course is reduced by 30-50%.

Advanced cancer stages: Hadassah doctors do their best

With the help of the latest chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs in combination with radiotherapy, Jerusalem oncologists still manage to achieve the maximum possible results, saving dozens of patients’ lives or helping them to achieve long and sustainable remission.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive medicine

Many patients who have undergone large-scale surgery have been able to completely restore the integral and aesthetic appearance of the body.

Experienced plastic surgeons of Hadassah restore the volume of the removed gland, practicing innovative DIEP-flap and TRAM (plastics using fragments of abdominal tissue), LATISSIMUS DORSI FLAP (using fragments of back muscles) techniques. If necessary, surgeons also use high-quality silicone prostheses, which allow to completely restore the natural shape.

Preventive measures

Modern pharmacology offers women at risk of developing breast tumors preventive drugs that reduce the possibility of developing oncological pathology. Do not forget that medications have certain indications and contraindications, therefore, they are taken as prescribed by a doctor.

Patients` support: special program

A woman who has undergone cancer therapy often needs rehabilitation. Israeli doctors have developed a special support program. In Israel, the Sharett Institute of Oncology is one of the few clinics that offer in addition to the breast cancer treatment participation in a specially developed program to improve the life quality, combat side effects, eliminate emerging disorders (sexual dysfunction, depression, etc.)

Thousands of patients appreciated the quality-to-price ratio in Hadassah

Many reasons explain the growing popularity of breast cancer treatment in Israel: clinics with modern equipment; doctors` qualifications; affordable prices in comparison with American and European medical institutions. The last argument is very important, as it allows patients of different social status to receive highly qualified breast cancer treatment. In Israel, the cost of surgical breast tumors removal depends on the type of intervention based on the disease stage, the patient’s condition and other factors.

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World renowned specialists treat breast tumors in Hadassah

Professor Tamar Peretz — Head of the Sharett Institute of Oncology, Head of the Breast Cancer Center.

Specialization: world renowned specialist and researcher in immunotherapy.

Over 37 years of experience

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Dr. Luna Kaduri — Head of the Oncogenetic Unit.

Specialization: One of the most renowned oncologists in Hadassah, specializing in the treatment and diagnostics of breast tumors.

Over 28 years of experience.

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Dr. Einat Karmon — Head of the Breast Surgery Unit.

Specialization: surgery of benign and malignant breast formations. She is one of the few Israeli doctors who hold an American license, obtained after training with renowned US oncosurgeons. She perfectly mastered the most complex techniques and technologies.

Work experience – over 16 years.

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Dr. Neta Adler — Head of the Breast Reconstruction and Microsurgery Unit.

Specialization: plastic surgery, in case of extensive intervention or complete breast removal she restores the gland.

Over 18 years of experience.

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Treatment stages: after arrival at the clinic

First day: arrival and organizational issues

процедура 1
Arrival and accommodation

From leaving the plane, the representatives and administrators of Hadassah begin to provide assistance to the tourist. At the patient`s request, meeting at the airport and transferring to a predetermined place (medical center, hotel, private apartment) is organized. Exclusively experienced medical coordinators work in the international department who treat each patient with attention and delicacy, due to which the meeting is held at the highest level. The transfer fee is $100.

процедура 1
Your personal medical coordinator

On the arrival day, an individual coordinator is immediately assigned to each patient in order to help with organizational issues. The personal coordinator accompanies the patient for procedures and consultations, performs the work of an interpreter (when the language barrier interferes with communication with the medical staff). You can call the coordinator at any time.

процедура 1
Initial consultation with a leading specialist

On the first day, a preliminary consultation with a leading oncologist, Dr. Luna Kaduri, is held during which the doctor carefully examines the medical history, conducts a physical examination and provides a further medical program.

Second-third day: diagnostic examinations

Watch a video about new methods for early breast cancer diagnostics at the Hadassah MC

ТTherapy of malignant tumors in Hadassah is famous for its effectiveness, this is due to the complete and most accurate diagnostics of various oncology types. As soon as a patient from abroad applies for help from specialists of the clinic, she is asked to provide (send or bring with her) all available medical records, reports, test results, etc. As a rule, the information received by oncologists is sufficient to confirm the diagnosis, but sometimes an additional examination is required (indications for re-diagnosis are the unsatisfactory quality of the documents brought or the need to trace the dynamics of the disease).

процедура 1
Breast cancer diagnostics at the Israeli Hadassah MC

Three-dimensional tomography is one of the most effective methods for detecting breast tumors.

A diagnostic plan is provided individually to each patient and often contains the following diagnostic methods:

  • PET-CT is known as an extremely informative imaging method for diagnosing dozens of tumor types. In Israel it is used in most protocols, and in the countries of the former CIS, it is rarely used, moreover, there are no experienced specialists in decoding the results. In Hadassah, PET-CT is carried out using an ultra-precise device, the only one of its kind in the country.
  • CT or MRI are also used with great success to clarify the spread of malignant processes and localization of the tumor.
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy (called Sentinel biopsy). This technique is more informative and less traumatic than the methods used before. A coloring material or a radioisotope is introduced into the neoplasm area, which allows to quickly find the nearest lymph nodes that accumulate the substance. Instead of removing all regional lymph nodes, causing problems with lymph circulation, as was done before, only the detected nodes are removed now that are checked in the laboratory.
  • A significant advantage in the early breast cancer diagnostics in Hadassah is the frequent use of an advanced 3D mammography technique called tomosynthesis, which is 50% more accurate than conventional mammography.

Genetic testing. The effectiveness of breast cancer treatment in Israeli clinics is explained by the fact that local doctors extensively use the latest developments in the treatment of oncological diseases. Genetic oncotests performed in the Hadassah laboratory allow doctors to:

  • Choose an individual therapy course
  • Reveal the patient’s hereditary predisposition to cancer, the likelihood of relapse

The Hadassah MC uses modern genetic oncotests: Guardant360, InVitae, Caris Target Now, analysis for the presence of pathological changes in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in the patient.

A team of experienced doctors – mammologist, oncologist, surgeon – will carefully analyze the results and compile an individual plan of treatment and diagnostic measures.

For more information on breast cancer treatment in Hadassah, one of the largest and most successful clinics in Israel, contact our consultants:

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