“Is my diagnosis correct? Is surgery the only solution? Is it worth it to undergo an expensive examination? ” – every patient asked himself such questions. The need to make multiple decisions about upcoming treatment is often disorienting.

Therefore, “the second opinion service”, is becoming more and more popular, which allows you to get an expert’s opinion based on the available medical documents and without personal presence.

To find out more about the opportunity to get a second opinion from a world-class doctor at the Hadassah Hospital or to receive help finding a medical specialist, please contact our employees.

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An independent consultation service gives patients the opportunity to:

  1. Get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Misdiagnosis is not uncommon in medical practice. According to statistics, Hadassah doctors confuted or corrected over 34% of the foreign doctors` decisions. Time wasted on the wrong treatment can lead to irreversible consequences and complications. The second opinion service significantly reduces the risks and costs of medical care, allows you to develop the most correct and effective treatment strategy.
  2. Find the most qualified and experienced professionals. Choosing a clinic and a doctor is one of the most difficult tasks. After all, now the medical services market is oversaturated with offers. The second opinion service gives you the opportunity to take a closer look at the chosen clinic and form an objective opinion about other medical centers.
  3. Understand the alternatives and be able to participate in clinical trials. The second opinion service allows you to expand knowledge about treatment options, indications and contraindications, effectiveness and prognosis. In addition, Hadassah patients have the opportunity to take part in clinical trials of drugs that are not available in leading clinics in the world.
  4. Find peace of mind. Many patients noted a significant decrease in the level of anxiety after additional consultation, regardless of the consultation outcome. Comprehensive information about the methods of treatment helps a person to more easily accept his or her condition and tune in to fight the disease.

To receive a second opinion service, you need to send an application through the feedback form on the Hadassah website.

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A list of topics for discussion with a specialist should be compiled in advance. We recommend to include the following questions to make the second doctor’s opinion much more effective:

  1. What types of diagnostics would you recommend to confirm or confute my diagnosis? The accuracy and speed of diagnostics primarily depend on the following factors: the experience of medical staff, the capabilities of the clinic and technical equipment. The Hadassah Hospital is a leading medical center with everything you need for highly precise examination and innovative treatment.
  2. What can you say about my diagnosis? The doctor should tell you in detail about the disease, methods of diagnostics and treatment, possible alternatives and prognosis.
  3. What treatment options are available in my case? Each Hadassah patient receives an individually prepared treatment plan based on objective examination data. The doctor should tell you in detail about the benefits of the chosen strategy, the possible risks and complications.
  4. If the treatment proves ineffective, what can you suggest? New methods of dealing with various diseases are constantly being developed in Hadassah. During clinical trials, our patients receive free innovative treatment that is not yet available in other medical centers.
  5. How many patients with similar health problems have been treated in your clinic? Feedback from people who have undergone treatment will help you form an objective opinion about the internal arrangement of all processes.
  6. How long will it take to get a second opinion? The terms of providing the second opinion service are determined individually for each patient. Depending on the initial diagnosis, additional examinations may be required, which take some time.

According to statistics, over 30% of Russian patients received the wrong treatment due to a misdiagnosis.

The second doctor`s opinion and additional examinations allow you to protect yourself and your loved ones from such situations. In most cases, the patient needs one or few medical consultations, during which the specialist can prescribe the necessary examinations and treatment. Israeli medicine is expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

Today, regardless of the location, patients can receive advice from leading experts, correct and effective treatment, revision of decisions received from doctors working at other clinics, and much more.

To get a second opinion of an international-level specialist, send us a message or call the phones indicated at the top of the site.


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Please fill out the form and our representative of the International Assistance will contact you (free of charge)