We welcomes patients from all over the world. We provide:

  • Remote consultations with leading Israeli specialists
  • Arrangements for diagnostic and treatment trips to Israel

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If you want to get a consultation or a “second opinion” from the leading specialist of the Israel’s Leading University Hospital, you can use the possibilities of remote telemedicine. This is a new paid service that allows you to consult a doctor using the Internet and significantly save time and money.

Telemedicine has become especially relevant these days due to the spread of coronavirus and the temporary lack of the possibility of treatment abroad, as well as the danger of infection when visiting medical institutions.

Israel’s Leading University Hospital keeps on helping foreign patients even during the pandemic. We will assist you with:

  • Obtaining permission from the consulate and the Ministry of Health to come to Israel.
  • In-person and remote consultations with a doctor and providing all necessary procedures.
  • Hospitalization.


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Advantages of telemedicine at the Israel’s Leading University Hospital

  1. Unique leading physicians. Many of the medical services provided in the clinic have no analogues in Israel, and some – in the whole world, since the doctors who have mastered them are the only specialists of their kind or belong to a very narrow circle of world experts. You can get a consultation with these doctors only at the Israel’s Leading University Hospital. However, even if you do not need a consultation with an exclusive specialist, you can be sure that a high-level physician will study your documentation. For a good reason more than half of Israeli doctors undergo internship at the Israel’s Leading University Hospital, where job is considered one of the most prestigious in the country.
  2. Diagnostics of all types of diseases. Israel’s Leading University Hospital is one of the largest multidisciplinary clinics in Israel, where many departments are known as national centers. This means that you can find a specialist in the diagnostics and treatment of almost any disease known to modern science at the Israel’s Leading University Hospital.
  3. Respect for patient’s rights. Israel’s Leading University Hospital is a state university hospital under the constant supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health. Therefore, all patients of the clinic, including those who are provided with telemedicine services, are fully guaranteed a high service quality and fair value.
  4. A personal case manager who will take care of all organizational issues and provide with all the necessary information is assigned to each person who applies to the clinic.

Our employees respond promptly to every request, and the consultation itself is provided as soon as possible.

What is the procedure for obtaining a remote consultation?

  1. In any case, the first thing to do is to contact our staff by calling ‎+972 2 560-94-38 or by writing to [email protected]
    . Our employees will provide you with professional assistance at all stages of preparation. You can also leave an application using any of the forms located on the chosen website page.
  2. Then, you should decide on a consulting physician. . Of course, you can choose a doctor yourself according to the prescription received, based on someone’s recommendations or materials published on our website. You can also let our employees make a decision and they will recommend you a specialized expert, based on the medical record you provide regarding your illness and health condition.
  3. Describe your disease in detail and send us all your medical documents and test results.
  4. If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask an Israeli specialist, prepare a list of them in advance and be sure to show it to your personal case manager who will organize and translate your consultation.
  5. Our staff will check the advisability of providing a consultation with a doctor and give you a final answer whether you can use the telemedicine services of the Israel’s Leading University Hospital.
  6. Only after receiving confirmation you will be sent an invoice or a link, so you can pay for the remote consultation.
  7. After the consultation, within a few days, a detailed doctor’s report will be sent to your e-mail address in Russian or English (at your choice).

Advantages of telemedicine

In many cases, a world-class expert can form an opinion regarding the patient’s condition based on the medical records and test results provided to him. A report of a leading expert will allow:

  • make an accurate preliminary opinion regarding your condition in order to refer you to proper specialists;
  • gain one hundred percent confidence in the accuracy of the previously made diagnosis;
  • correct the diagnosis and choose a more effective or more sparing treatment;
  • radically change the diagnosis and choose the right treatment as soon as possible.

Before providing the service, our employees have to make sure that it is appropriate to use telemedicine in each specific case. We save the time and money of our patients, as well as the time of our consulting physicians. Therefore, after we receive your application and all the necessary documentation, our staff will conduct an initial analysis of the data and notify you if the doctor is ready to provide you with a remote consultation.

Sign up for a remote consultation, our staff will help you at all stages of preparation.



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