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Plastic surgeons working at the Israeli Hadassah hospital cope with tasks that only a few experts from the United States can do: in particular, the removal of giant nevi covering the whole body, some types of nasal or auricular reconstruction. While prices in the Jerusalem hospital are much more democratic than in American clinics, and in terms of human relations and personal approach, the clinic exceeds the standards of the large medical institutions in the United States or Western Europe.

In other areas, Hadassah plastic surgeons also maintain a very high level: they often appear in news and reports published by the global press performing high-class aesthetic procedures for celebrities and public figures, restoring normal appearance to children suffering from congenital defects or injuries.

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The surgeon`s proficiency is the main factor in successful plastic surgery

Any defect in appearance or simply dissatisfaction with it, especially when it comes to visible parts of the body, greatly affects the psychological condition of a person and his/her relatives. The dream of changing the appearance and the fear of not obtaining the desired result makes thousands of men and women look for a specialist abroad.

The department has a consolidated team of world-class doctors.

Since 2013, the Plastic Surgery Department is headed by prof. Alexander Margulis, one of the most experienced specialists in Israel. After a two–year internship in Chicago, the professor has been performing surgeries for the reconstruction of congenital and acquired defects of various complexity in adults and children for more than 26 years.

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Alexander Margulis also manages the Pediatric Unit of the Department. Patients from Greece, Cyprus, Jordan and the former USSR countries visit the professor. With little patients from Russia where the doctor’s childhood passed he speaks only Russian. In Hadassah, Alexander Margulis has performed more than 8,000 successful surgeries, including over 6,000 among children.

ЗThe head of the Breast Reconstruction Unit and the Microsurgery Center,Dr. Neta Adler, has been restoring breasts, changing their shapes and volume with the unique and safe methods (TRAM, DIEP-flaps) for more than 18 years.

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Dr. Carol Pidhorz, Head of the Microsurgery Unit, with over 22 years of experience, specializes in hand and upper extremities surgeries. Due to her proficiency, hundreds of patients were able to preserve or restore their hands and fingers.

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Many other world-class experts work in the department. Knowledge, sophisticated methods, unique techniques and a great desire to help even in the most difficult situations allow these doctors to return full-quality life to thousands of adults and children.

A full range of services is provided at the Hadassah Clinic

Only a few Israeli clinics can provide the same amount of services: as a rule, there is only a specific set of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures presented. In Jerusalem, the patient will be provided with any assistance required and he will be treated by world-class experts.

In many countries, doctors do not try to restore extensive lesions affecting various body systems, that require the involvement of narrow specialists. However, many injuries, burns, oncological tumors are not limited to the skin, also affecting bones, tendons, and nerves. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is practiced in Israel, the doctors of the department perform plastic microsurgical and reconstructive surgeries on the whole body, if necessary, involving experts from other specialties if necessary.

In the clinic you will find constantly updated modern equipment, prices for plastic surgery that are acceptable not only in comparison with the average Israeli costs, but also with prices in Western countries, innovative techniques and a large list of restorative, reconstructive and rejuvenating interventions.


  • During rhinoplasty, the latest computer program is effectively used, which allows you to accurately model the nasal appearance according to the patient`s wishes. This is an important preparation stage, as the nose greatly affects the facial proportions and balance. Changing the contours is possible in a surgical and non-surgical way – by introducing various substances.
  • Congenital defects and injuries of the nasal septum impairing the respiration are corrected by laser septoplasty without the risk of bleeding, infection, postoperative hematoma.
  • Due to an accurate computer modeling in Hadassah, results of blepharoplasty always meet the patient’s expectations. Doctors change the eye shape, correct the dropping eyelid, eliminate swelling, remove fine and deep wrinkles.

The department also performs the correction of protruding ears, auricle reconstruction and many other procedures at the highest level.

Body plasty

Mammoplasty in Israel

  • Mammoplasty (breast enlargement, reduction, correction of the asymmetry) presumes the use of endoscopy and incisions in hidden locations (axillary, submammary, periareolar), reducing the risk of complications to zero and making scars invisible. When correcting the size and shape of the breast, high-quality implants or the proper patient’s fatty tissues are used, which simultaneously reduces the fat pad volume of the anterior abdominal wall or buttocks. An advanced outpatient non-surgical correction technique allows to preserve the effect for 3 and more years. Even at the preparation stage, the patient can see how the breast will look like after the surgery. This is possible due to the latest computer modeling programs that take into account all the details and individual characteristics.
  • It is possible to correct figure drawbacks, remove excessive fat masses using modern liposuction methods, many of which are used only in Hadassah. The fatty layer reduction is carried out by laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, tumescent (chemical, irritating) effects under local anesthesia or sedation. This reduces the negative effects of general anesthesia and shortens the recovery period.
  • Abdominoplasty is performed in combination with liposuction or separately, which allows to flatten the abdomen and improve the waist line. Abdominoplasty helps to get rid of “weak” points (hernia, rectus muscle diastasis), and visual defects (stretch marks, scars).


Facelift in Israel

Those who want to look 10-15 years younger have facial skin tightening using the endoscopic method. Excess fat is removed (liposuction), it is transplanted to emphasize the corrected area. To restore the facial contour, preserving the effect for a long time, SMAS-lifting (deep muscle-aponeurotic layer fixation) is used.

After abrupt weight loss, the skin of the body and extremities can be tightened. Many rejuvenating procedures are performed simultaneously under local anesthesia to reduce the negative effects of general anesthesia.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after partial resection or mastectomy is usually performed by Dr. Adler using the innovative TRAM (skin and fatty tissue transplantation from the patient’s middle part of abdomen) or DIEP flap (transplantation of a skin fragment and fat from the lower abdominal wall). Such a solution is not only effective in the absence of a skin flap, it is also aesthetic and absolutely harmless. Dr. Neta Adler is well aware of the women`s desire to have beautiful breasts and the associated psychological difficulties. But as an experienced oncosurgeon, she cannot help thinking about women’s health in general. Moreover, now many people understand the danger of breast cancer and, having a predisposition to its development, are ready to remove the mammary glands for prophylactic purposes. Extraordinary plastic surgeries, including those without the use of implants, carried out in Israel saving women’s lives and allow patients to feel confident while remaining feminine.


Advanced techniques of laser peeling, carried out by the infrared CO2 LASER, eliminate scars, acne, wrinkles. Chemical peeling is based on the use of a number of modern drugs. Hadassah doctors accurately calculate the concentration and exposure time.

Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is treated by the subcutaneous injection of a special filler that reduces the sweat gland innervation. The alternative technique is partial excision of the branch of the nerves regulating sweating in the armpits.

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Pediatric plastic surgery returns the future

Everyone refused, but they were helped in Hadassah: says the mother of a little patient

In the Russian-language media, the stories of two girls from Tyumen who got a chance in Hadassah to grow up without fear were widely covered.

Little Violetta Crocus by a fighting dog, was born with a giant nevus and multiple birthmarks. Violetta comes to Hadassah with pleasure, without fear, realizing that she will be helped. Though Russian doctors refused to treat the girl. Polina Fedorova still has to undergo several treatment stages, but having a significant improvement, smoothing of external defects is evident.

The role of plastic surgery in pediatrics is becoming more and more important. In Israel, this area is given special attention: every year, hundreds of children come to Hadassah for reconstructive procedures to eliminate congenital or acquired defects, the results of injuries and burns.

Pediatric Skin Grafting

Skin restoration procedures are carried out for preschool children, although, according to Professor Alexander Margulis, the majority of skin pathologies (moles/ nevi) should be removed in a newborn age, since postoperative scars become invisible as the child grows. The following procedures are performed in the department:

Removal of nevi in children in Israe

  • Removal of moles (nevi), vascular defects, pigmented spots, scars. After removal of nevi with a diameter of 15–20 cm and large-sized scars, no significant cosmetic defects are detected. The aesthetic appearance is restored by transplanting a skin flap taken from the patient him/herself or from a donor. Professor Margulis uses an innovative method of stretching the adjacent skin area: a synthetic balloon is inserted under the skin, gradually filled with saline solution. The excessive skin formed is used to close the wound.
  • A saline balloon is also used in the treatment of burns. Innovative dressings, refreshment of necrotic tissues, negative pressure method, which accelerates surface cleansing and healing are used as well.
  • Scars or keloid scars are excised or treated with a laser until complete disappearance.
  • Removal of malignant and benign skin tumors is performed layer-by-layer using the MOHS (MOC) technique. The procedure can take several hours to avoid relapse or metastasis, each section is examined in the laboratory for the presence of cancer cells. However, a vascular tumor (hemangioma) removal in newborns takes only 30 minutes. It is important to refer to the clinic timely, before the lesion grows deeper into soft tissues, which makes the surgeon`s work more difficult.

Craniofacial Plasty

For the correction of congenital craniofacial defects, specialists of related areas (otolaryngologists, dentists) are often involved.
In Hadassah, children are operated from the age of two months with “cleft lip” defect, and from 10 months with a “cleft palate” defect.
The impaired skullbox development is often detected in the form of flattened posterior skull due to early fontanelle closure – this is corrected with non-surgical methods (physiotherapy, special helmets).

In March 2018, 9 doctors of the Hadassah clinic went to Mexico, where they successfully performed surgeries on 23 children whom local doctors could not help. Most of the children suffered from cleft palate.


In Hadassah, auricles are reconstructed from the age of seven. An autograft (cartilage from the patient’s rib) is used, which excludes the possibility of rejection and minimizes side effects. Then otolaryngologists are engaged in hearing restoration.

Hand Microsurgery

Professor Pidhorz is the only Israeli specialist who performs reconstructive microsurgical interventions in neurovascular bundle lesions in both adults and children.

Microsurgical plasty is used in Hadassah for tendinous lesions most commonly observed in hands. This presumes the transfer of ligaments restoring the normal finger functioning. Microsurgery is also relevant for injuries, congenital defects, and oncology.

Non-healing wounds, injuries are also professionally treated in the clinic; correction of protruding ears is performed, as well as dozens of other aesthetic and reconstructive surgical interventions.

High quality and reasonable cost

Pediatric plastic surgery is a special area that requires state-of-the-art equipment, the use of microtechnologies, a multidisciplinary approach, but in Israel the price for the procedure remains affordable.

Hadassah pricing policy in all branches of medicine directly depends on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, which constantly monitors their observance in public hospitals, especially in this medical institution, which is often visited by members of the government and journalists.
The doctors and administrators of the Jerusalem Medical Center are working hard to help patients save money by creating optimal diagnostic and treatment programs. As a result, medical tourists undergo extremely necessary procedures staying in the country as long as necessary.

There are many reviews about plastic surgery in Israel posted on the Internet. According to doctors, it is important for them to see smiles of patients who come to express their gratitude for the work done. This makes doctors feel satisfied with their work.

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Patient`s feedback

If the need for plastic surgery arises, the surgeons of Hadassah, the Israeli leading clinic, are considered the best choice. Send a message or call our consultants, and they will provide you with comprehensive information on all issues related to aesthetic or reconstructive surgery.



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